Neve Desktop Summing Package


Neve is delighted to announce a new bundle designed especially to give computer-based studios access to classic Neve analogue mix bus topology. The Neve Desktop Summing Package pairs the 8816 a hand-wired 16-channel summing mixer, including custom Carnhill transformers on the stereo mix bus with the 8804 Fader Pack for long-throw fader control.

Included as standard in the package are Neve's Total Recall
TM software, table top legs for the 8804 and the 8816ADC digital output card. Available at a special 'bundle price', the Neve Desktop Summing Package provides DAW users with the complete 16-channel mixing solution.

Package Highlights 
  • Hand-built, hand-wired 16-channel summing mixer for use in professional computer-based studios
  • Classic Neve analogue transformer mix bus topology
  • Instant Recall of settings stored on PC or Mac via USB using Neve Total RecallTM
  • 16 input channels plus aux additional inputs
  • Cue, Level, Pan, Solo and Mute controls
  • Mix Insert points
  • Various solo and solo in place functions
  • Sum and difference insert with exclusive 'Stereo Width Control'
  • Separate Monitor and Cue levels
  • Main and Alt speaker outs
  • Onboard talkback mic w/talkback input to Cue
  • Units can be cascaded for multiple output
  • 2U rackmount design with special shielded power supply
  • 2 track return, plus iPod input
  • Headphone outs on front and back
  • Included digital output card; 44.1kHz to 192kHz, plus DSD
  • High-quality long-throw fader module
  • 16 channel faders and 2 master faders
  • 16 Mute/Solo switches
  • 16 Direct Outputs allow 8816 level pots to become auxiliary sends
  • 4U rackmount or table top operation using built-in stand or included Neve 8804 sidecheeks
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Neve Desktop Summing Package