Neve 33609JD Compressor/limiter


Hand-built to its original specifications, the Neve 33609JD Stereo Compressor offers comprehensive limiting and compression for recording, mastering, post production and broadcast. The combination of Neve’s hand-wired transformers and gain reduction circuitry yields a quality of sound which has made the 33609 a studio standard for more than three decades – a healthy sampling of the world’s top engineers and producers pick it as their ‘desert island’ compressor.

The hallmark 33609 compression sound is very smooth, and extreme settings may be used with the compression or limiting remaining relatively transparent. After several versions of this Neve classic over the years, today's 33609JD provides the best of both worlds: original Neve 33609 sound (employing a discrete output stage like the original model, for a slightly warmer sound that is preferred by many professionals) but with enhanced internal and external I/O switching.

The 33609JD features independent sidechains for the compressor and limiter sections, with similarly independent threshold, recovery and attack controls. There’s a selection of compressor ratios from 1.5:1 to 6:1 and a gain make-up control that comes before the limiter. Overall gain reduction is indicated on a moving coil meter.

Multiple units can be linked for multichannel operation.

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Neve 33609JD Compressor/limiter