Looptrotter Modular Console


LOOPTROTTER MODULAR CONSOLE is a perfect solution for all producers and engineers who already use 500s modules in their studios. It is fully customizable and compatible with almost every 500s module available on the market. The console was designed for ease of use and sized to fit modern recording facility. It can also be configured to an individual preference.

8 channel module

  • Discrete Class A circuit
  • 100% analog signal chain
  • Alps faders
  • Two 500s slots per channel
  • One insert per,send and return
  • Adjustable panning
  • L+R stereo link
  • Mute function
  • Solo function
  • Fully compatible with almost every 500s module on the market
  • Two selectable work modes (sources) Record (MIC) and Mix (DAW)
  • 4 auxes per channel, pre/post fader assignable
  • Direct to tape/DAW output with adjustable level
  • Assignable to 5 different summing buses, 1-4 stereo summing groups, Master or both
  • Fully operational as an empty frame (no 500s modules installed)
  • 8 LED meters
  • Configurable as 8,16,24,32,40 channels

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Looptrotter Modular Console