Box of Doom

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 For each musician it is difficult to get a great amplified guitar tone at a low level. This has always been a great challenge while recording at home and also in the studio. Finding the balance between volume and still having a good sound is not only challenging but also very time consuming.

The Box of Doom is an isolation cabinet with an inclosed speaker and the possibility to connect two microphones. It is designed to produce the genuine sound of a speaker, without the sound level and interferance of a 'normal' cabinet/microphone combination. Just plug in your speaker- and microphone cable and you are ready to rock. The speaker is mounted on a cassette and allows you to change the speaker within seconds. The Box of Doom brings you great versatility, with a large choice of available Celestion speakers and microphones at hand you can create all sounds you like.


Extra informatie

 The Box of Doom is the only iso cab with a speaker cassette system, allowing you to fully personalize your sound, within seconds. One box, different sounds!
You can use any microphone as you prefer. So you are not obliged to use a pre-installed microphone.
The microphone is placed in front of the speaker and not above it. You don't have to worry about dropping your microphone; at least it won't damage the speaker.
The Box of Doom is the only iso cabinet fit for touring: theouter casing is made of the toughest flight case material available.
Have a clear view on what you are doing on stage, adjust your microphone and actually see what you are doing, thanks to the white interior of the Box of Doom. Thanks to the easy access and available space, placement of larger microphones is not a problem.

For easy handling and transport, the Box of Doom is fitted with four handle bars for easy lifting (your roadie will love you for it..) and move it around thanks to the four 100mm professional flightcase wheels.


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Box of Doom