The Vintagedesign VBC is a brand new transformer balanced Class A design using a diode bridge as the gain element and is based on the vintage British 2254 / 2264 and our own C1/CL1mk2.

Each channel uses 3 custom made Carnhill transformers for an authentic, punchy low-end and that very “sought after” mid tone.
All controls are stepped - a must for recall in mix and mastering environments.
The VBC has a blend control for parallel compression and also two types of HF boosts.
The HF switch boosts the high frequencies 2dB and affects both the output signal and the signal that feeds the side-chain.
The AIR switch only boosts the high frequencies 2dB on the compressed signal.
As with most stereo devices, the VBC has one set of controls for both channels.
It uses two threshold detectors and the detectors are summed before the timing circuits for maximum performance; both channels hit the detectors even if they are 180deg out of phase.

Designed and built in Sweden the Vintagedesign VBC stereo bus compressor is a classic in the making. Classic sounds and controls, classic looks and a solid professional ergonomic design for the professional audio specialist.