2400 Audio Imperium 1U Stormtrooper White

2400 Audio

Imperium is a digital controlled passive stereo monitor console. This is the 1U non-modular version. The circuit is fully balanced from input to output. Since all audio processing is done 100% passively without any kind of transistors, up-amps or other regulatory framework, it gives you a full uncolored performance without noise floor or headroom limitation! Exactly what you need in a  professional mixing and mastering environment. With it´s 8 stereo outputs, a fully expanded unit is also very suitable for showrooms or studios with a vast amount of active speakers.

The 8 reference levels ensures that you can always recall your favorite mix levels quick and easy, at high, mid and low volume. Plus you also get rock solid stereo imaging with extreme accuracy. Are 8 levels enough? You bet! In fact, we are sure. It will make you work differently, more focused and effective than with a conventional volume control. You can get back to exactly the same mix the next day or the week after and be sure that it is the same listening experience every time. Again, this is very important when doing your final mix or mastering, which is rarely finished in one day.

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Mono & Cut, both make perfect sense.. Cut is always in at boot up. Very nice when wanting to take good care of you precious speakers. And more importantly your ears.

Level Bypass: Bypasses Imperium´s own built-level system. Can be used when having a mixer with control room outputs or a summing amp with its own master level control.

Phase Left CH: Phase Reversing the left channel on all inputs

Insert: Can be used to connect another device into the Imperium instead of the built-in level system. Which could be a talkback solution, level pilot or the like.

Parallel Output: Can be used to send a signal to a subwoofer or another pair of speakers along with the selected speakers.

Lightning fast response when changing inputs or outputs, for instant A/B comparison.

Stepped attenuation, 8 x reference levels – you can also buy your own custom set of levels (optional)

3 x stereo balanced outputs – expandable to 8 balanced outputs (optional)

2 x stereo balanced inputs – expandable to 4 x balanced inputs (optional)

Imperium also features a flash memory for storing your favorite setting(s) for the unit. If fact you can program what inputs has the Level Bypass function enabled, or which outputs has the Parallel Output on by default.

Our firmware is upgradable.

Wifi (optional): Can be controlled via iOS or Android, with Touch OSC APP – Own layouts can be created with a free Touch OSC Editor.

With the wifi expansion board, Imperium can become its own hotspot or merge with an existing network.

Built-in Midi: Control Imperium via midi from a midi controller or send wifi from an Ipad / iphone using Touch OSC to your mac or PC. Which can then forward the midi data to the Imperium.

2400 Audio Link: For future 2400 Audio products soon to see light of day ..

Options Not included:

Custom Reference Level Kit: 8 pcs. Optional level blocks of your choice.
Wifi Board – TBA
Midi-interface – Any will do….

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