A-Designs ATTY2'D 5.1 Passive level control


 The ATTY2'D (pronounced "Attitude"), is the big brother of the successful ATTY passive audio line level controller. Think of the ATTY2'D as an ATTY on steroids. It offers fully independent control over two stereo pairs and two mono signals.

The applications have now expanded from a passive line level controller to a host of other uses such as: Controlling output between multiple products like microphone preamps, CD players, talk backs, audio surge protectors,level control for multi speakers, extension speakers for bass pre-amps, etc.

Now it has been brought to our attention that ATTY2'D can also be used in a surround sound environment! So, we have silk screened the faceplate of the ATTY2'D to reflect it's usage in the surround sound arena.

Please note: The following "indications" on the faceplate are for surround sound. Cal means calibration of your speakers. Place the level control to full/max, this is where the sound is at 100% for ALL speakers. Then, calibrate from your software, desk or console.

When setting up your ATTY2'D always start with your "Sub" first.  These products are designed to be a redundant backup for your system control. The MUTE/MASTER MUTE on the ATTY and ATTY2'D are the major points of these products offering an instant audio termination.

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