RME HDSPe MADI FX 390-Channel 24Bit/192kHz 3x MADI

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The HDSPe MADI FX marks a new milestone both in the history of audio interface cards in the past two decades and within the long series of outstanding RME devices. Never before has such a high-performance multi-channel audio system existed.

Numerous Connections

The HDSPe MADI FX features 390 audio channels! Three MADI I/Os - two optical and one coaxial – are accompanied by one AES/EBU I/O and one analog monitoring output. To complete the feature set, a Word Clock connection and four MIDI I/Os were added. The complete technology and connectivity are highly integrated into the smallest possible amount of space. Only one PCIe slot is required on the motherboard, plus one free slot opening on the case.

A new Hammerfall Pro Audio Core

To guarantee RME’s unique low latency performance with such a huge amount of audio channels, the HDPSe MADI FX introduces a newly developed modular Hammerfall Pro Audio Core. The high-tech core will process three times as many channels as the channel count of the previous MADI flagship, while actually reducing the system load and enabling ultra-low latencies down to 32 samples on modern computers.

A sophisticated new efficiency technology will automatically deactivate currently unused channels, so that they require no processing power or bandwidth. A simple stereo playback will not require any more performance than from a standard stereo audio card - despite the use of a professional multi-channel system with almost 400 channels.

A new TotalMix FX. Plus effects

The new core technology is accompanied by a special version of TotalMix FX, which allows using the enormous channel count in an efficient and practical manner. The addition of numerous performance optimizations ensures that the 4096-channel mixer of the MADI FX responds just as smoothly as its 1800-channel counterpart in the Fireface UFX. A new and faster DSP allows for a greater number of EQs and compressors.

An innovative new layout of TotalMix enables ergonomic handling of the enormous number of channels. A special option makes it possible to visually hide unused channels. Complete “Hide setups” can be saved at any time, and switched with a simple mouse click, for example between the channel view of the drum mix and the full band setup.

The 192 kHz RME effects engine allows latency-free monitoring with numerous effects like EQs, Compressors, Reverb, and Echo rendered directly on the hardware of the card, independent from the DAW software in use.

Advanced MADI Router

The integrated TotalMix matrix conveniently allows the use of the card as powerful MADI router. Unlike most other router solutions, each channel can be routed individually - even with separate level settings for each routing.  The unparalleled flexibility of TotalMix can turn the most exotic applications into practical reality. 

RME’s unique Seamless Redundancy Operation uses the cards’ 3 MADI receivers to provide professional users with state-of-the-art fail safe operation. The audio data is not interrupted when switching to another input – and the card can use not only one, but two more sources for redundancy. In SRO mode the card operates as single MADI input device, recording up to 64 channels. As soon as the current input fails the audio data received from one of the other two inputs is used. No relocking and synchronization to a different clock source is required, and the interruption caused by the external failure is minimized to a few samples.

The HDSPe MADI FX works on Windows and Mac OS.


·         194 input- / 196 output channels = 390 channels

·         TotalMix FX with 192 kHz effects engine

·         3 x MADI I/O (2 x optical + 1 x coaxial)

·         AES/EBU I/O via breakout cable

·         Stereo analog out (for monitoring)

·         Word Clock I/O

·         3 x virtual MIDI I/O over MADI

·         1 x MIDI I/O via breakout cable 



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