A-Deslgns EM-Silver Pre-amp module for 500-series


The EM-Silver has a custom wound steel output transformer which will translate into a darker sound than the P-1, EM-Red, and EM-Blue. We find the EM-Silver to be a very good match with “Ribbon Microphones”. This is a good combination due to the fact that steel transformers were widely used in the early days of recording and broadcast along with ribbon microphones.

It depends on which ribbon you have or use which will determine the sound/color/flavor you will receive. 
With today’s influx of ribbon microphones there is a wide choice of character range available for you to determine which tone you are looking for or need. 

Another feature of the EM-Silver is a “DI” (direct inject) for use with electric instruments. We find that this is a great pre for Bass Guitar and Keyboards. Also, you may like to try the EM-Silver (depending on microphone) for your “kick” when recording drums! This is a very versatile tool for any recording situation.

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